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The Smart Way Driving School offer Driving Lessons in West Lothian and Fife. 
					  We can offer you a choice of Manual or Automatic cars. 
					  We also offer Advanced Driving Lessons and Fleet Driver training 
					  services throughout the Central Belt of Scotland

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Advanced Driving Lessons from professional driving instructors in Livingston, Bathgate, Broxburn, Armadale, Linlithgow, all of West Lothian. lessons in Aberdour, Anstruther, Auchtermuchty, Ballingry, Ballmullo, Bowhill, Buckhaven, Burnt Island, Cupar, Kincardine, Methyl, Rosyth, Cardenden, thoughout Fife from our Fife based instructors. Livingston West Lothian. Advanced Driving, Advanced Driving Test, RSOPA Test, IAM Test, industry standard advanced driving tests, advanced driving test in scotland

Becoming an Advanced Driver

There are many reasons people choose to become advanced drivers.

  • For some (I hope most) it is to become safer on the road in their daily travels, safer for themselves and safer for their families.
  • For some there is the satisfaction of doing something to the very best of their ability.
  • For others there is the benefit of cheaper insurance that comes with passing an advanced driving test.
  • For others again, their job requires them to drive a lot, and so their employer insists on an advanced driving test.
  • Occasionally, there is even the satisfaction of being able to prove that you are better than average at something most of us do.

If you are considering taking advanced driver training, either now or in the future, let me be the first to say two things to you.. "Thank you" and "Congratulations".

"Thank you" because, in the year 2008 (the most recent year for statistics to be issued) there were still nearly 3,000 deaths on the roads in the UK, most of which are attributable in some way to driver error. This equates to almost 60 deaths per week! The more that people like yourself reading this are thinking about improving their own driving ability, the more that we as a society are improving the driving standards of everyone in the country and therefore, by extension, are working to reduce that figure.

"Congratulations" because training to improve your driving ability, passing an advanced test to prove your ability and then driving around as a better, safer driver is going to be a very rewarding and satisfying experience for you.

Did you know, that drivers with an Advanced Qualification are 25% less likely to be involved in an accident?

What advanced driving test can I sit?

There are three recognized advanced driving tests in the UK. In no particular order these are:

  • The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Test
  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Test
  • The Driving Instructors Association Advanced Motorists (DIAmond) test

All of these tests are recognized and endorsed the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) as officially approved advanced tests. All will normally qualify the holder for insurance discounts.

Which is the right one for you? That's not really for us to say. There are a number of things to consider, but the first thing in being able to make a reasoned choice is to be able to understand a little about each of the tests.

The IAM Test

The IAM test is statistically the most popular tests with over 350,000 people having sat and passed this test in the 50 years since its inception in 1958. This test is a one-off and it is marked on a Pass/Fail basis. This means that there is only one pass grade and once the test is passed, like the L test there is no requirement to re-sit it to re-prove your ability.

This test consists of a drive of about 90 minutes on varying roads, but will include town/urban situations, motorways and country roads. You can expect to deal with a variety of conditions and hazards and will be expected, where possible, to make positive progress along the way. You may also be required to do some commentary driving.

Your examiner will be a police qualified advanced driver (serving or retired) with operational experience.

The RoSPA Test

The RoSPA test is probably the next most familiar test. Because RoSPA work tirelessly in the Health and Safety throughout our society some people prefer this test. Depending on the ability you display in your test you will be graded at either Bronze, Silver, or Gold standard.

In order to maintain its high standards, the RoSPA test has to be re-sat every three years.

Just like its IAM counterpart, the RoSPA Test consists of a drive of about 90 minutes on varying roads, including town/urban situations, motorways and country roads. You can expect to deal with a variety of conditions and hazards and will be expected, where possible, to make positive progress along the way. Again you may be required to do some commentary driving.

Again, this test is examined by a police qualified advanced driver (serving or retired) with some operational experience.

The DIAmond Test

Though no less respected in the driver training community than either of the other two tests, the DIAmond Test is probably the least well known to the general public. This test is structured and marked much like the DSA's standard L test, but the standards are much higher. You will drive for approximately an hour on varying roads and in varying traffic conditions. You will be allowed to make only six minor faults. You can must be able to deal with a variety of conditions and hazards.

Your examiner will be a civilian advanced driving instructor who has taken considerable further training to qualify as a DIAmond examiner. This test is probably the easiest to prepare for, its is the fastest growing advanced test, and is rapidly becoming the accepted industry standard benchmark for company car drivers.

What will the training entail?

  • In all cases, the first stages of your training will be to review your current driving ability, identify any driving faults you have (possibly bad or lazy habits that may have developed over the years) and fixing them so that we bring your driving back up to a very high standard.

  • Overlapping this we will be aiming to bring your car control skills to a high standard so that we develop a smooth comfortable drive for your passengers.

  • We will introduce you to starting and stopping drills that you probably have never thought of but will make your journey SO much safer.

  • Once your general driving is at a good standard we will aim to hone your hazard perception skills to a sharpness akin to a metaphorical razor!!

  • Then we will improve your road positioning skills to utilize the driving improvements above to bring you to the high standard for your chosen test.

  • Finally we will introduce any special skills for your test, such as commentary driving.

In all cases training will be conducted throughout West Lothian or Fife on the same types or roads you advanced examiner will take you on. You can expect to go all over your county. Be prepared for travel!!

Like any of our driving lessons, this training is conducted in a relaxed and informal environment, often in the candidate's own vehicle (prices are reduced to take into account the fact that it is YOUR fuel being used) and records of progress are kept.

How much will it cost me?

Click the link to the left or follow this link to see our current lesson prices for advanced lessons.

Are you up for it?

Do you think YOU have what it takes to pass an ADVANCED driving test? Do you think you can prove that you are better than the rest? If so, why not give us a call to discuss a course of lessons or come along for an assessment: Please ask for Mr. Ray Lynch: Contact information for The Smart Way Driving School

Contact us on Mobile 07711 336452

Email Enquiries@The-Smart-Way.CO.UK

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The Smart Way STRONGLY advises candidates to be very careful when booking or managing a test through any website other than this as you may end up paying a lot more for your test that you should.

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