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The Smart Way Driving School offer Driving Lessons in West Lothian and Fife. 
					  We can offer you a choice of Manual or Automatic cars. 
					  We also offer Advanced Driving Lessons and Fleet Driver training 
					  services throughout the Central Belt of Scotland

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The Smart Way Driving School - Trailer Towing Training Livingston, Bathgate, Linlithgow, West Lothian and Fife from Professional Driving Instructors

Learn to tow a trailer, learn to tow a caravan, trailer towing lessons, caravan lessons, B+E test, trailer test, towing training, in Livingston, Bathgate, Broxburn, Armadale, Linlithgow, all of West Lothian.

Learning to tow a trailer or caravan

If you passed your driving test after January 1st 1997, you will NOT have the automatic right to jump into 
							a car and start to 
							tow a trailer

If you passed your driving test after January 1st 1997, you will NOT have the automatic right to jump into a car and start to tow a trailer. In fact the rules are quite complex and can affect quite a lot of people.  To find out if YOU should consider taking B+E Training click this link here,

What does the B+E (Car and Trailer Test) consist of?

The B+E (Car and Trailer Towing Driving Test) is conducted by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) at Occupational Driving Test Centres throughout the country. The trailer towing test consists of:

  • Answer 5 vehicle safety check questions (show me/tell me) from the bank of 15.
  • A reversing manoeuver performed in the Test Centre Grounds.
  • A drive of approximately 55 minutes on a variety of roads and in various traffic conditions.
  • Within this drive will be a section of approximately 10 minutes of independent driving.
  • A controlled (emergency) stop performed on the road.
  • Return to the test centre.
  • Unhitch the trailer safely and correctly, then re-hitch it and carry out all appropriate checks in preparation to drive off.  (See this link for how to do this)

During the B+E driving test you may not make any serious or dangerous faults, and only 15 driver (minor) faults. At all times you are expected to drive correctly, in particular demonstrating good anticipation and planning skills to deal with hazards, show respect and consideration to other road users, and show thorough understanding of the rules of the road and the highway code.


Our Latest successes

Congratulations to:
  • Colin Fairbairn
  • Sid Jones
  • Chris Brown

All of who passed their B+E tests in the month of November 2012 following only a few lessons with The Smart Way, and with less than a dozen minor faults BETWEEN them. Good effort lads!   

If you think you might need a B+E test why not join them? Contact us TODAY to get started on your lessons. The sooner you start, the sooner you too can pass.

What format does the B+E (Trailer Towing Training) take?

To start your training we would focus on your general driving, in particular looking at:

  • Your use of mirrors.
  • Your general hazard planning and awareness.
  • Your hazard awareness, linked to your use of speed and planning to slow/stop in good time.
  • Your cornering technique, ensuring that you stay safe and take into account the considerable increase in length of your vehicle and trailer combination.

A lot of the focus on this part of the training is on forward vision and forward planning to prevent awkward situations developing, and a general revision of your driving skills as required.

Following this we would look at teaching the student the correct way to hitch and unhitch a trailer. This can be done in conjunction with a self help study sheet and can then be practiced on your own rig if you have access to one, thus reducing the amount of time you would need to pay us for practicing.

After that we look at the reverse manoeuver. This needs a fair bit of practice to get right as it is fairly complex but again, if you have access to a rig of your own and some off road space, then this can also be practiced by yourself. Self study material can be provided to help with practice.

How long this all takes will depend on the individual driver and their initial driving ability. It also depends on the intensity of the course that they wish to follow and how much practice the candidate can take in between sessions.

How much does a B+E Test cost?

Prices for all driving tests are set by the government through their Agency, the DSA. The current price of all driving tests can be found through the DirectGov website, click here to open their site in a new "tab".

If any prospective client would like to discuss a course of training then please contact Mr Ray Lynch:

Contact information for The Smart Way Driving School

Contact us on Mobile 07711 336452

Email Enquiries@The-Smart-Way.CO.UK

Post - 5 Rosehill Place, Eliburn, Livingston.

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This is the new UK Government website with links to all matters relating to learning to drive, from getting your first provisional licence through to booking and changing a driving test.  Click on the image above or the text links below to:
Book a theory
Change a theory
Book a practical
Change a practical

The Smart Way STRONGLY advises candidates to be very careful when booking or managing a test through any website other than this as you may end up paying a lot more for your test that you should.

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Accreditations for The Smart Way Driving School
Please visit us on facebook and LIKE us Our Chief Instructor is an ROSPA Gold standard advanced driver Our instructors are members of the Instutute of Advanced Motorists, our Chief Instructor is an IAM Recommended Instructor 
                    and a local group observer/instructor We offer the DSA recommended Pass Plus couses in West Lothian and Fife All our instructors are members of the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain All our instructors are members of the industry leading professonal body, the Driving Instructors Association We are members of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) so our integrity is assured All our instructors are DSA approved