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The Smart Way Driving School offer Driving Lessons in West Lothian and Fife. 
					  We can offer you a choice of Manual or Automatic cars. 
					  We also offer Advanced Driving Lessons and Fleet Driver training 
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SAFED for Vans from Professional driving instructors in Livingston, Bathgate, Broxburn, Armadale, Linlithgow, all of West Lothian. Safe and Fuel Efficeient driving training for van drivers in Livingston West Lothian.

SAFED (Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving) for Van Drivers in Scotland

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The original SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) scheme was introduced by the government via the Department of Transport in 2003. Initially launched in England and aimed at the HGV market, in 2006 it was rolled out to cover the whole of the UK for this vehicle class. In 2007 the scheme was extended to cover van drivers and in 2008, this part of the scheme was also extended to cover Scotland with some funding for training was available from the Scottish Executive. This funding was halted in April 2010 but training remains available on a commercial basis through providers like us.

What is the function of SAFED for Vans?

"SAFED for Vans Scotland" is designed to be a "driving skills development" course which involves assessment as well as training. It's primary aims are to develop safer and more fuel efficient van drivers. The key objectives are:

  • To develop safer drivers. In doing this we will:
    • Reduce accident rates, thus reducing the costs of damage associated with minor (i.e. non claimed) accidents.
    • By extension, reduce the cost of insurance by reducing the number of claimed accidents.
    • Reduce driver stress, thus reducing fatigue by extrapolation reducing associated illnesses. Ero, less lost sick days
    • By reducing driver stress, produce more productive drivers
  • To develop and encourage driving styles that will reduce the use of fuel. This will:
    • Reduce the day to day running costs of the fleet. Measured studies through the DofT indicate fuel costs savings of up to 10% are quite easily managed.
    • Reduce carbon emmisions by up to 10%
  • Reduce general wear and tear on vehicles by up to 15%.
    • This saves your business money by requiring you to replace vehicles less often.
    • saves your business money by reducing servicing costs.
    • This helps the environment by creating less scrapped vehicles and worn parts.

Now, lets be honest here. As a business man myself I do like it when I can help the environment, but when the crunch comes my first concern is always going to be with the profitability of my own business. Here is the beautiful bit.... this scheme allows you to do BOTH. In the list above, the items in Green are enviromental benefits, whereas those items in the purple colour are the financial benefits. As you can see, all environmental benefits have at least one matching financial benefit, and vice-versa.

What are the principles the SAFED for Vans Scotland style of driving.


The key principles we will aim to teach are:

  • Firstly the elimination of any bad driving habits
  • Checking the vehicle correctly for safety, correct loading, tyre pressures etc.
  • Learning to look ahead and plan for the drive correctly.... which leads neatly to....
  • The elimination of a heavy footed driving style, leading to less harsh accelleration, more use of decelleration, a more gentle and progressive braking style.
  • Reduction of unnecessary gear changes
All of these skill should be transferable to your drivers in their own vehicles when driving in their own time, so not only are you gaining, they are also going to benefit directly from this training and phylosophy.

Is the SAFED course CPC compliant?

Yes, where relevant, a SAFED course counts for 7 hours training towards driver CPC. (Another winning point)

Can ANY driving instructor deliver the SAFED for Vans in Scotland training.

Well, in a nutshell.... NO. To deliver the SAFED for Vans in Scotland Training, a training provider MUST be:

  • A DSA registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).
  • On the DSA register of Approved Fleet Driving Instructors.
  • Have completed further training and been certified by the DofT as a SAFED for Vans designated Trainer.
Unregistered trainers cannot provide the official certification at the end of this course. Ask to see your training provider's credentials. All trainers should willingly provide these.

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Accreditations for The Smart Way Driving School
Please visit us on facebook and LIKE us Our Chief Instructor is an ROSPA Gold standard advanced driver Our instructors are members of the Instutute of Advanced Motorists, our Chief Instructor is an IAM Recommended Instructor 
                    and a local group observer/instructor We offer the DSA recommended Pass Plus couses in West Lothian and Fife All our instructors are members of the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain All our instructors are members of the industry leading professonal body, the Driving Instructors Association We are members of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) so our integrity is assured All our instructors are DSA approved